Bloggers You Need to Know – Alicia Quan, Vancouver.

alicia fashionista

Meet Alicia Quan, our second Blogger You Need to Know! This Vancouver-based beauty is the creative mind behind the blog Alicia Fashionista, founder of Capital Q Creative, an event planner and stylist. Recently, she was kind enough to take the time to answer our most burning questions…

What inspired you to start Alicia Fashionista?

I started my blog back in 2008 as an online journal that basically 3 other people read.  I also happened to be working in the fashion industry at the time and once I realized I could combine fashion and blogging, things started taking off. It’s great being able to tap into a creative outlet that involves my love for styling, marketing, writing, and photography. It was meant to be!

Which movies, TV shows, music and/or books inspire your style?

I’m always inspired by music.  I can’t get ready or write a blog post without music playing.  My neighbours really love me.  I only just started watching Gossip Girl (okay, and binge watched the entire series) and am super obsessed with Blair and Serena’s style.  It was the perfect time to discover them too, a little outfit inspo. is welcomed in between seasons.

alicia quan

What’s your favorite season for fashion and why?

Hands down, my favourite season for fashion is fall.  I’ve never lost that excitement of back to school shopping even though my days in the classroom are long forgotten.  I just love layering brand new fall pieces on those crisp autumn days!

What’s a trend you’re currently working into your wardrobe?

I’m definitely gearing up for spring and adding some pretty pastels and full midi skirts into the wardrobe.

Who are some of your favorite fashion bloggers?

Atlantic PacificSincerely JulesSuburban Faux PasKendi Everyday, and Her Wise Choice to name a few.

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